Thank you for choosing Oak Grove Training Center. We are striving to create a safe and comfortable environment to train your dog. Please help us achieve that goal by following these rules and policies. To participate at our facility, you will be asked to sign an agreement that you have read and understand these rules and policies. We reserve the right to change and/or amend these policies as necessary.

• All classes are 4 weeks (one month) and must be paid in advance.
   If you miss a class, there are no make-up classes.
   If we have a cancel a class due to bad weather or illness, we will make it up a mutually agreeable time for our students.

• You must show a current proof of vaccinations at a class registration.
  We also recommend some type flea protection for your dog.
  We do spray our facility on a regular basis, but additional treatment will help insure the health of your dog.

• We provide elimination areas for your dog, in addition to bags for solid waste. 
  We expect you to pick up after your in the outside areas, and to clean up after your dog inside the facility.
  We will also provide vinegar spray to eliminate pet odors.

• We ask that you arrive for class on time.
  We understand that sometimes this is not possible.
  If you have to arrive late, please enter and join class with the least amount of disruption to the other students.

• We reserve the right to dismiss you and your dog from our facility if you cannot or will not control your
  dog and therefore pose a threat to us or the other students.
  If you have dismissed, you will not be allowed to return to our facility.

• Children that accompany their parents must have another adult to supervise them during class time.
  Children are not allowed to play with other dogs, or be disruptive to the other students.
  This is for the safety of all of us!

• Please wear comfortable clothing and soft soled shoes for class

• We do not recommend that you feed your dog before class. We also suggest that you bring your own bowl and water for your dog, plus treats for training.
  In addition, we will have treats for sale at our facility.

• We sell the type of collars and leads we have found to be the best for our training purpose.
  If you have a question of the type you prefer to use, please let us know.

• Please feel free to ask for clarification on any training technique that you do not understand.
  We are here for you and your dog.
  We strive to meet all of your needs and are open to suggestions.

• Membership is available for our ongoing competition classes. Dues are payable by the 5th of the month.
  Only membership students will be allowed to keep a crate(s) at the facility.

• All students must agree and sign the following statement:

          I understand and agree that OGTC, its instructors and/or principals are not responsible are not responsible for any
          damage that another dog may cause to me or my dog, and I agree to hold OGTC, its instructors and principals harmless
          in the event of injury or damage to myself, my dog and/or my property. I further agree to be responsible, legally,
          financially and otherwise, for any damage that my dog or may cause to OGTC, its instructors, its students and/or another
          student’s dog. I further agree and understand the rules and policies OGTC.